ज्योतिष कितने प्रकार की होती है As per Indian tradition, Astrology shastra prove the future in many ways. It is believed that there is more than 150 astrological education in India and best astrologer in delhi. Every foundation claims to tell your future.
It is also supposed that everyone is intelligent of understanding the future, but the learned knowledge seekers rarely meet, while the more wandering ones The question arises in the mind that after all the wisdom we learn, we have presented our future, the information of some of the astrology in India.

Here are the mentioned types of Astrology: ज्योतिष के प्रमुख अलग-अलग प्रकार

  • Horoscope Astrology ( कुंडली ज्योतिष)
  • Red book ( लाल किताब की विद्या)
  • Mathematical Astrology (गणितीय ज्योतिष)
  • Palmistry Astrology (हस्तरेखा ज्योतिष)
  • Nakshatra Astrology ( नक्षत्र ज्योतिष)
  • Palmist Law (सामुद्रिक विद्या)
  • Chinese Astrology (चीनी ज्योतिष)
  • Vedic Astrology (वैदिक ज्योतिष)
  • Punch Pakshi Theory (पंच पक्षी सिद्धान्त)
  • Tarot Cards (टैरो कार्ड)
  • Types of Astrology

    Best astrologer in delhi and what means of this Astrology: ज्योतिष का क्या मतलब है

    1. Horoscope Astrology (कुंडली ज्योतिष): This type of Astrology totally depends on the horoscope. Basically in this astrology three types. Sindhant Astrology (सिद्धांत ज्योतिष), sanhita Astrology (संहिता ज्योतिष), Haura Astrology (होरा शास्त्र). Every Horoscope Astrology in delhi experienced Astrologer makes a Kundli based on Date of birth, Planets, and stars for any person.

    2. Red book ( लाल किताब की विद्या):
    Red Book knowledge of many states of India like Uttaranchal, Himachal, and Kashmir lal kitab in delhi. It is acknowledged as a 'practical knowledge', aside from the traditional theory of astrology. It is considered to be very difficult for learning.
    Outdoors knowing its good knowledge, it can solve the problem by looking at the divisions seen by the horoscope. Firstly, by collecting the theory of the aforementioned literature, a book was first published on it, named 'The Book of Lal Kitab'. According to the belief, the said book was written in Urdu, hence the confusion arose.
    3. Mathematical Astrology (गणितीय ज्योतिष):
    This Indian pedagogy is also called numerology and Mathematical Astrology in delhi. Under this, the points of each planet, constellation, zodiac etc. are prescribed. Then the sum of the birth date, the year etc. is calculated as the lucky number and fate.
    4. Palmistry Astrology (हस्तरेखा ज्योतिष): In addition to the agley skewed and straight lines of hands, studying the hands of the wheel, the island, the cross etc. Palmistry Astrology in delhi the person is told the ghosts and the future. It is very ancient and is prevalent in all the states of India.
    5. Nakshatra Astrology ( नक्षत्र ज्योतिष): In Vedic times, astrology based on zodiacs (नक्षत्र ) was more prevalent. According to that zodiac (नक्षत्र) of the person who was born in the constellation, his future was told. The total zodiac (नक्षत्र ) types of is 27.
    6. Palmist Law (सामुद्रिक विद्या): This education (विद्या) is also the oldest of India's ancient teachings. Under it, the person's character and future are told by studying the structure of the whole body including the person's face (नाक नक्श), and forehead line.
    7. Chinese Astrology (चीनी ज्योतिष): In Chinese astrology, 12 years have been nominated in the name of animals. This is called 'animal-nominated zodiac sign' This is their 12 sums, who are known by the name of 'year' or 'related animal-year'.
    8. Vedic Astrology (वैदिक ज्योतिष): According to Vedic astrology, estimation is done on the basis of Zodiac (नक्षत्र ), Navagraha, Birth Zodiac. Originally the estimate of the zodiacs and the speed is formed. According to the belief, the Astrology of the Vedas was not for the future Kathak of a person, it was for astronomical calculation and separation of time.
    9. Punch Pakshi Theory (पंच पक्षी सिद्धान्त): It is also prevalent in South India. Under this astrology the time is divided into five parts, each part is named after a special bird. According to this principle, when any work is done, its fruit gets according to the bird's condition at that time.
    The names of the five birds under the पंच पक्षी सिद्धान्त are vulture, owl, crow, cock, and peacock. Based on your marriage, constellation, place of birth, your future is known by knowing your bird.
    10. Tarot Cards (टैरो कार्ड): Tarot cards have cards like playing cards Tarot Cards in delhi. Whenever a person goes to Tarot Card knowledgeable to know his future or fortune, then the knowledgeable person leaves a card and tells the future of what he wrote in it.
    Apart from this, there are many astrological notions of Maya, Hellenistic, Celtic, Persian or Islamic, Babylonian etc. Each country has its own separate astrological concepts and different predictions.