Astrology based on selitys bodies of the universe like Sun, Moon, Planets, and Consolation. Its effect on our personality and also on behavior very strictly. Astrology claimed all selitys bodies about every activity in the World. Our birth date, the place is involved this and playing a very important role decide this.
You can’t compare Astrology with Astronomy, because Astronomy is a real science and in this study on properties and position of planets, so do not confuse in these, because lots of people think these are the same thing, even think astrology is a science that predict what will do on earth and what will happen with human. Basically, Astrology based on a lot of factors that related to human, and their emotional feeling and Astronomy is a totally different thing, it is based on the planets and universe only.
Astrology in Delhi
In the world, most of the people decide the career after checking the horoscope and all basic methods of astrology. See, you should not take any decision based on just only horoscope because Career is very important to build if you want a better life in your future. Yes for sure if you hardly believe on Astrology, Because Astrology is working if you trust on it.

Astrology is not real science because-

  • Not based on actual evidence.
  • The conclusion cannot be tested due to the lack of specification of occurrenc.
  • Is unfalsifiable. (Being too general and vague)
  • In the universe four types of fundamental forces:

    1) Gravity 2) Electromagnetism 3) Weak Nuclear Force 4) Strong Nuclear Force

    So let's understand more about the astrology:

    If astrology saying about the influence of plants when only one force exists: Gravity, Gravity is created interaction between two objects. and if distance will be an increase in the two objects, so will decrease the effect of gravity. all stars and plants are too distant from us.
    As per people and things' influence is very high on every human as compare to any planet.
    If any Planets effected on us? or Planets can alter our thinking?
    and also does Planets decide our future?
    like: if anyone saying:
    Planets tell me I am gonna be lazy today?
    As per astrology claims different influence on different people of different planets, BUT, how is this possible? Because of Almost equal gravitational influence on us because of proximity to each other, that is negligible as per astronomical number.

    Can Birth dates decide how much weight a person is gonna gain in his life?

    These are the question is unanswered till that today, As per Astronomy can update all things with the world but mostly everything is very strictly hidden with world in the Astrology.
    If we are talking about the updates then astrology can provide lots of updates with the world, as per compare the science, because of the rules and condition of astrology real Astrologer can't share all things openly. so as we said Astrology is based on the trust if you will trust then Astrology exists and if you could not the believe on astrology then it's not anywhere.